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Wholistic health is wealth

mikeflo – “Tupac Back” *Black Power Edition*


Supanova’s album listening @ Leopard Lounge

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Nova, B.E.T., Barnes & Noble…

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Supanova Slom was at bn autographing copies of his book The Remedy. Eagle Nebula (an femcee in her own right) of B.E.T. Centric was capturing the whole event and getting testimonial from varies vegan lifstylists. Hip Hop artists Umi, Luquantumleap and MC Fre were in attendance where there was standing room only. Nova’s team of family, friends and publicist Autumn Marie (of the AM Group) were on the scene and handed out samples of the Supa greens “Chlorophyllian Cleanse” while the “The Hip Hop Medicine Man” discussed briefly about the state of emergency that the Hip Hop culture is in today. Nova even briefly touched on Guru who is now no longer here with us. This is real folks clean your habits up so you can make it to 50, 60, 70 years old without help of machines and medications.

Bill Cosby presents Cosnarati State of Emergency.

Bill Cosby came up with the concept and Supa Nova Slom, Jace the Great and Brother Hahz translated it into Hip-Hop. Bill Cosby has been receiving negative feedback for his recent comments about poor working class people of color but this album (he is not rapping. LOL) is definitely a step in the right direction. Thoughts and words being put into positive action is always a good thing. My only question is will Bill Cosby put up that payola to get spins on urban radio. Be sure to check out the featured artists’ sites and Bill Cosby’s as well.
Check out the group on the Today Show.

Interview on ABC News Radio

King’s County Acknowledges Queen Afua Day June 27th, 2009

Words by Kita P of This article is originally published at
The deity of mercy and protection has once again proven that all her chakras are in line. The second official day the world has been able to see this happen was on June’s 27th day in the 27th year that her holistic wellness center has been in existence. The first day was, of course, the opening of her center 27 years ago. With an extremely supportive team consisting of her children, husband (Baba Heru), the wonderful house sisters and brothers, and the entertainment magnate (Erykah Badu), Queen Afua’s Wellness Institute (QAWI) is able to reign in Crown Heights Brooklyn
A sweet serenade by City Council’s candidate, Tulani Kinard, followed by a New York City honor of having June 27th actually designated as Queen Afua Day, one is able to see that her gospel of Sacred Women and many other teachings are being spread. After Queen Afua’s introduction, Baba Heru holds up his ankh as his non verbal confirmation to proceed. The warm embrace between her and recording artist, Erykah Badu, was a staple for the love this woman is receiving globally. Badu, like so many others, has taken Afua’s 21 day walk into wellness and has been walking wellness for almost two decades herself. The Grand reopening of her Wellness Institute had the support of Brown Eyez Magazine, DJ Beverly Bond (Black Girls Rock), Solomon Jazz (BK photographer/recording artist), Word(Smith) Jones (Poet/Photographer – SirReel Photography), Nemiss (Performing artist), Bizaar Royale (recording artist), Supa Nova Slom (Son Of Queen Afua) of BK, Ace Brown of Positive Light Promotions, Erykah Badu, Faybiene Miranda (Poet), Autumn Marie (The AM Group) and the list goes on. Her power to heal and guide in maintaining this healing has affected many.
Queen Afua’s work has been completely dedicated to wellness and healing. She believes that the holistic lifestyle she practices can and will be a launching pad for communities that don’t usually have access to healthy choices. Introducing this concept of whole entities and organic consumption has been a successful journey for Queen Afua. For her published literature;Heal Thyself: For Health and Longevity to her Nutrition Kitchen video she has been well received internationally by the masses. Spending over two decades educating the community on how to heal themselves naturally (natural healing is the root of which she bases all her practices). Queen Afua made it quite clear that her teachings can be an alternative option for those diseased and sickly and for those who are uninsured. As her husband and longtime partner, Baba Heru, states Queen has been so faithful and consistent in her love for her people.
Queen Afua and her teachings are in steady progression with the expansion of her Wellness Institute and the partnership of those who also impact the community. Queen is currently working on a book for the men to guide them on ways to attain and maintain healing. She invites all to take the 21 day walk into wellness and is on a mission to have everyone be a part of her City of Wellness. A consultation on a life of wellness is only a phone call away – 718.228.HEAL!

The people make up the city. If you heal the people you heal the city.
~Queen Afua

Queen Afua Wellness Institute
106 Kingston Ave
Brooklyn, NY