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12 Days of Azealia Banks

For all those that may not remember. It has been exactly a year since Azealia Banks graced the cover of Playboy Magazine. In the wake of all the social media hatred directed towards her I have started the 12 days of Azealia Banks to remind her fans of why they feel in love in first place. I will start with the Playboy online article’s photos.

#prettyblackgirls #darkskinrocks #azealiabanksmatters


Photography by Ellen Von Unwerth






Natalia Kills looking crazy, sexy and problematic in this video. #firstpostoftheyear #indicativeofwhatstocome

Her site is a problem too! Check it out!

kills's website

kills’s website


Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

Official Video


Cres & !LLMIND – Stop me! feat. Skyzoo


Likwuid – Circle of Life

Directed by Noise Maker Media

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Slum Village – Forever

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Skyzoo – Range Rover Rhythm

UntitledAlbum out now on iTunes.



The White Mandingos – Mandingo Rally



Angel Haze – Werkin Girls

original version

Its funny how I like the mix with Gerila Kodz better than the original and I also heard the remix before I heard the original or any music by Angel Haze. Now listening to the, New York EP she has out now, I guess I liked the heavy dissonance as her voice came thru it. I’m late so sue me! Initially thinking that her mind was working like that excited me for this new talent. Definitely like her and the single New York needs some visuals immediately. Maybe summertime NYC double dutch, children playing, steppers stepping, hospital scene getting stitches, fdr drive, train, roof top, tribal dance group scene and layered fast colorful scenes with of course a fitted/snap-back on someone’s head. Just my thoughts. Who the fuck cares!? She is on tour overseas will be in Zurich in May. I do even know where Zurich is. Kinds like when Michael Jackson went to Budapest. I was like what is a buddah pet? I digress. Too soon? More to come from this controversial, cocky, cunt? We will see. I love alliterations but that will probably offend someone’s sensitive eyes. Hopefully people will see better  in 2020. Past the current view of words and word semantics spells. Past the current consummation rates. Grow some ish, sew some ish, manufacture some ish, barter for some other ish you don’t have. Get out of my head if you don’t like it here because it only gets blacker the deeper you go.