the boroughs, the sounds, the places to be

Consequence f/Kid Cudi “On My Own”

Cons got that fire! I can do this on my own. Boom bapping right now. I first ran into Consequence when I worked at and was shooting an event at that bullshit club Marquee for Common. They (Marquee) were pulling down the step and repeat (backdrop for your novice in the game) as Cons was walking up. I was the only photog that noticed him immediately being exposed to so much music while with the kingz of the mixtape game. That’s another story. Please buy my stickers and I will send you free music. Hehe, haha, and LOL. Shout out to Mac Media and Matthew for continously filling my email box with something!?#$%^&*(~). Question- Did he get at Kanye on Kanye’s beat? Hmmmmm. I love Hip Hop and the distractions, beefs and word semantics that come along with the journey. Erica Thompson via Billboard had THIS to say. Don’t forget to check out the video “Public Eye” by Consequence
Download here –> On My Own (Full Version)


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