the boroughs, the sounds, the places to be

Jay, 50, Weezy…

Just saw this hot concept video by Dee-1 on MTV2 suckerfree countdown. In the video he had a dream about Jay, 50 and Weezy taking a meeting with him and then he proceeds to tell them about the industry and what they can do to change it. Dee-1 goes on to discuss black on black violence via rap “beefs”, giving back to communities in need and the wack rappers that are hurting the culture. This is an original concept video with messages that have been bubbling under the mainstream surface for a while now. With 50 shooting video stacking cash, Baby giving Weezy a million dollars in a suitcase and Jay talking meeting with Warren Buffet it would seem like everything is all good. That is just the surface and if you scratch the surface, dig a little deeper, you will see the ugly truth. I could go on but you get the picture. Check out the video by Dee-1 below.


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