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Kings of NY7 B-Boy Battle

@ St. Marks Church on the corner of E.10th Street & 2nd Avenue. Doors at 7pm. Battles at 9pm. 7vs7 Breakin’, 1vs1
Poppin, House & Rockin’. $15 Admission. $5 extra w/ Camera.

Exhibition Battles:

Jakhammer vs Dister.
Tata & Arod vs Gravity & Rampage.
Sneeze vs Hannibal

Music by:

DP One (Heavy Hitters/Turntable Anihilists)
Shan S.
Jaze-art Remote

Rockin’ Judges:

Ringo (Master Minds)
Breakeasy (Dynasty)
Spin (Master Minds)

Breakin’ Judges:

Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers)
Crazy Legs (Rocksteady Crew)
Indio (Dynamic Rockers)

Poppin’ Judges:

Anim-Al (Inhumanoids)
Smiles (D.O.A.)
Dr. Kraawl (Inhumanoids)

House Judges:

Samo (KNY Winner 2009)
Byron “The Dragon” Cox
Master Mike


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