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Technicolor Lover

I don’t know why Creative Control named this video Technicolor lover but I do know that someone really direspected Amanda Diva by not paying her for hosting a gig. See the video HERE! This multi-talented woman has been on MTV, VH1, has her own show called Diva Speaks, has an album called spandex, rhymes and soul, paints and designs and hosted hundreds of events within the NYC music scene. Aside from being respected amongst various artisan peers, Ms Diva has never been the drama queen and is known for being cool and down to earth. Is it political? Is it sexism? Hell yeah, because they would not pull that $h!t with Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddy Fox aka knock your ass out! To leave it all on a high note go download her album, visit her art site and support a real artist doing real things.

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