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Who is Anita Tijoux?

She is Chilean Hip-Hop! On tour now in North America. With an album out as well. If you can catch Anita Tijoux tonight at Pianos with Rebel Diaz and Los Rakas.

Chilean hip-hop sensation Anita Tijoux is touring the States in support of her new autobiographical, conceptual album, 1977. Born Anamaría Tijoux in Lille, France in 1977, daughter to a French mother and a Chilean father while in political exile during Pinochet’s dictatorship. She became famous in Latin America as the female MC of hip-hop group Makiza during the late nineties. In 2006 she crossed over to the Latin mainstream pop due to her collaboration with Mexican songstress Julieta Venegas in the radio hit “Eres para mí”. This album, named for her year of birth, paints us a picture of her beginnings in France and pays homage to the early 90s era of hip-hop that got her into rapping as a teenager in Chile. Having gained recognition as an MC for various rap groups in Chile during the late 90s, Tijoux has also taken time to explore other areas of music beyond underground hip-hop, and her duet with Julieta Venegas “Eres Para Mi” became a radio hit. She continues to prove her abilities as a true “rapera” through her cunning and sophisticated lyrics shown off through her hypnotic, jazzy voice and dynamic beats.

For more information about the tour and press photos go here.
Video for the song entitled “1977”


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