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Allen Iverson presents Ty Gracie & Cru Thik-Misunderstood

After a long string of mixtapes distributed through his own digital pipeline, “,” Ty Gracie’s album, “Allen Iverson presents Ty Gracie and Cru Thik-Misunderstood” is now available on iTunes. Ty Gracie is not a novice to the hip-hop world, the new album is a product of ten years of musical genius and collaboration with Allen Iverson, Cru Thik, and Ellis Park, LLC.

The timing of the album release is not ironic. The Allen Iverson documentary entitled, “No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson,” which has recently become the subject of controversy, depicts the disadvantages of a young, black athlete living in a society rooted in slavery. Ty Gracie grew up in the same surroundings, and he defiantly states, “People from Bad Newz have a different story to tell.”

Over the past decade, Gracie has worked with Young Jeezy, Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, Nicole Ray, Jadakiss, and 50 Cent along with a wide array of producers from Jazzy Pha to Trama, an up and coming producer from Virginia.


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