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Eternia. Live with Snoop Dogg.

The Canadian import has rocked the stage with KRS1, MC Lyte, Poison Pen and Bahamadia. Now it is Snoop Doggs’ turn to see one of the top ten femcees in the game. I didn’t say but two different sites did. Eternia appeared at number two(2) on Above Ground Magazine’s list. The original list which was posted on TheBVX had Eternia at number 2 behind Tiye Phoenix then Mae Day, Likwuid Stylez, Nola Darling, Hedonis Da Amazon, Brittany Street, Lah Tere, Zarinah and Bless Roxwell. I like the original list because it did not state anything about “top” or “best” just 10 other femcees who are not a half video vixen half casting couch rappers (notice I said rapper and not femcee) relying on T and A (tits n ass) to get spins, record deals and play on MTV(empty v). The list is fulled with song writers and lyricists. No need for baby oil, glitter and cleavage. I mean Eternia is holding (D’s) but you should hear her spit over Rich Boy’s Throws some D’s on it. Download the new free single “It’s funny” a remix with Ras Kass.


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