the boroughs, the sounds, the places to be

Nova, B.E.T., Barnes & Noble…

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Supanova Slom was at bn autographing copies of his book The Remedy. Eagle Nebula (an femcee in her own right) of B.E.T. Centric was capturing the whole event and getting testimonial from varies vegan lifstylists. Hip Hop artists Umi, Luquantumleap and MC Fre were in attendance where there was standing room only. Nova’s team of family, friends and publicist Autumn Marie (of the AM Group) were on the scene and handed out samples of the Supa greens “Chlorophyllian Cleanse” while the “The Hip Hop Medicine Man” discussed briefly about the state of emergency that the Hip Hop culture is in today. Nova even briefly touched on Guru who is now no longer here with us. This is real folks clean your habits up so you can make it to 50, 60, 70 years old without help of machines and medications.


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