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Baltimore business trip. Fashion, Art, Culture…

Baltimore was interesting to say the least. As Jules put it, “It’s like Brooklyn in the eighties.” The off-putting mix of local black, white and green because of the Saint Patty’s day parade (going on there and ending near the harbor) put out a somber mood over the city. Might I add that there was also a marathon being run by sober people while drunk people were drinking green beer. The rain and thick energy around us did not effect us in the least. Voodo Fe’ and Jules ran into Ninjasonik, who was on the road doing shows and heading to SXSW. Treats and threads dot com styled Fearon Wright of the Baltimore Mariners Arena Football with Voodo Fe Culture t-shirts and accessories. After we flicked up it the ex-viking current mariner expertly gave a 4 sack performance as the Baltimore Mariners gave the New Jersey Revolution a 68-23 wrecking. They are now 2-0. As depressing as the locals might seem B-more is ripe with opportunities for fashion art and culture depending how driven you are. Check out some of the photos.

Jules of, Voodo Fe' and Ninjasonik.


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  1. that was something. I will have to republish this on Cool stuff brother. i cannot wait to expand on our business endeavors.

    March 23, 2010 at 3:18 pm

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