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Urban Culture, Senseless Violence WTF! Wake up!

Source: diaryofahollywoodstreetking
A mother is stricken with grief after her teenage boy was bludgeoned to death with a board, by a group of teens.

“It’s hard,” says Anjanette Albert. “Ya hear about that happening to other people’s kids, and never think that’s something that will happen to yours.”

The senseless beating happened just outside of a Chicago community center, Thursday. Now, 16-year-old honor student, Darien Albert is dead. He was reported to be kicked several times while he was down, and left to die on the street. Amateur video shows well over a dozen African American boys circle the violent beating, and not even one of them tried to help the targeted teen. Instead, witnesses of the murder cheered on the victim’s attackers. One of those witnesses is heard saying, “Damn!” – after Albert took a final deadly blow to his head.

A pair of rival gangs are said to responsible for the mayhem leading to the murder of the now deceased Chicago teen.

I’m sad to say that this is yet another senseless prime example of what has become of our kids. With this kind of ludicrous behavior going down across the country, America’s children aren’t even safe at school – a place where they’re meant to learn, not fight. Instead of bearing books, many ’students’ are bearing weapons while going to class.

This forces me to ask the question – WHY? What is causing these teens to behave like this? Is bad parenting to blame? Are today’s top tunes sparking such violence into the souls of America’s kids that they turn from Jekyell into Hyde? Or, simply put – Has society become UNGODLY?

Chinese philosopher and reformer, Confucius says, “Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star.”

Many of today’s adults of tomorrow have no substance. Know why? Because they’re making idols of dumb professional athletes, foolish materialistic rappers, and bimbo runway models. Black kids living in this generation have no respectful heroes to look up to. We have Lil Kim trying so hard to be white it’s fucking disgusting, and Beyonce ain’t no better she can’t wait to dye her hair blonde. Can she?
It’s all a form of bondage leading to genocide. MTV forces so much shit into the brains of our kids, that they actually believe the east coast/west coast phony rap war. As a result, these kids have formed a blind admiration for that which does not matter. Know why? Because it doesn’t exist!

I say the last pair of great black men were Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. – both had messages with substance, and both were killed for spreading their words. Today’s black youth don’t even know their history, and would rather pick-up a gun before a book.

Let’s go down the line of this generation’s heroes. What does Jay Z represent to our black children? I’ll tell you. He’s ‘Hova’ (meaning he claims to be God), while flaunting material STUFF. Russell Simmons isn’t any different. Another black man forcing materialistic thoughts into our kids minds. Russell also can’t wait to show-off his latest white girlfriend, and he’s also one to exploit his own African brothers. Why do you think they call him ‘Blood Diamond Russ?’ Farrakhan is reported to have spent this past weekend at Russell’s house. I truly hope Minister Farrakhan fed some true knowledge of substance into the mind of the man behind Phat Farm. Know why? Because Russell is weak when it comes to the flesh. Ironically, today Baby (of ‘Cash Money Records’) gave Lil Wayne diamonds for his birthday. How sick is that? Don’t they know how much blood was shed for those diamonds?

I can go on and on but all these worthless guys (including Puffy), who are all oppressors of the black culture. Know how I know? Because I gained this knowledge from the great writings of my hero, Malcolm X. Many of today’s rappers glorify the ghettos they grew up in. Hence the term, “Keeping it Real.” Once people (like Jay Z) landed their ticket to suce$$, they’re armed with both the money and the power to help break the bondage that their former government housing neighbors still remain in – BUT THEY DO NOT! Instead of being like the prophet Moses, and leading their people out of the darkness, they chose to floss their bling on television and magazines. What an accomplishment!

We as black people have became our worst enemies. Many of my competing blog sites can’t wait to feed you this ignorant black on black violence. I say thank you to:, (just to name a few). You guys are obviously working for the KKK, and you all should feel disgusted within yourselves! But you DO NOT – and that’s why our teens now act like animals. It’s because their hero’s are who BET forces unto them (which is white-owned, I might add). Black girls can’t wait to show their asses on, and these are the mothers of the future.

I refuse to promote this video or any video featuring such senseless violence cheered on by America’s ingnorant.

Doesn’t anybody care?

I love how Jay-Z has this song “NEWWWW YORRRRK” about how great NY is. Maybe it was for Jay-Z because he got rich, but what about all his people being murdered, tortured, and destroyed there for the last 100 years only getting sicker and worse every year.

Jay-Z is a Freemason & his sellout robot whore Beyonce is Eastern Star (female Freemason).

All this means is that because they literally acquired $100,000,000 (hundred+ million) all of this from the entertainment mogul Jews and from other “whities”… they were able to buy into and learn all the occult knowledge you could ever imagine about life, the universe, and God. Notice how they forget about Jesus when they make it big, because Illuminati know religion is garbage to control large populations. Illuminati know that the only real God is yourself, and your higher self “spirit”. Therefore Yes, Jay-Z Puffy Simmons all think they are Gods – they conquered this world, they run this shit. In actuality there is no God or massive huge loving spirit in the universe, God WAS a massive ball of energy that exploded in the Big Bang and created galaxies, planets, aliens, life, forms, and humans. Face it, physical pain and torture that has occurred on this planet would never even exist if there was really a God that had our humans traits of love and compassion existing somewhere. We are it. And we can either be loving and compassionate or we can torture and murder people. It’s up to us and there’s no God to even care about it.
Wake up people, extraterrestrials and advanced species seeded our planet. Some are “light” and some are “dark”- just like us (wow, coincidence?) They exist in the 4th/5th dimension but can lower their frequency to be seen by the human eye. Wake up people, we have seen UFO’s but we have never seen God.

If you were getting bludgeoned to death or a female circumcision in the Congo, your heart and your mind would be screaming out – SHIT THERE REALLY AIN’T NO GOD.


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