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Speak Easy! And carry a bid stick. Part2 Next stop BX!

**First off! if you cant make this, support by spreading to ya uptown/BX peoples/fam who appreciate somethin in their neck o the woods*

So it is happening again..
Lets keep it going strong, and vibrant. Uptown, where you at?! We told yal we wouldn’t forget about the requests for things to pop off in the Uptown vacinity..
December’s speak easy is in the Bronx, at a legendary spot, with a legendary DJ (often said but rarely true).. and more than your fair share of festive vibes; from specialty drinks and menu, T-shirt gift, and the usual highlights and surprises of the SpeakEasy

October’s SpeakEasy relaunch had over 80 amazing people; artists, actors, painters, singers, performers, and just plain ole beautiful folks in attendance..
heads came to BK from as far as the Bronx.. some as far as the airport via Cali.. Yeah.. it was serious. just peep for yourself.

This time we celebrate, unite, build, share, and send off a valuable member and asset of our community; TME Studios head, Dolge as he transitions into a new space.
Lets share some of our final moments of the year in this space in festive fashion like no other.

TME has served the Bronx, NYC ANNND its various artisans, organizations, non profits, and companies with amazing print services, murals, graphic art, and as a recording space,
The night BEFORE New Years Eve we will go out in style..
Legendary DJ Just-Ice (father of Gangsta Rap, Hip-Hop Icon)
will be keeping the true school spirit and the reggae dubs alive with the tunes..
Your special Speak Easy hosts, Faro-Z and Cavalier of the New Rap Order
Our generous location Host, Dolge and TME Studios and the beautiful people also known as YOU!

and I hear there are rumors of a T-Shirt gift, Coquito and/or Beer, and other surprises for those who contribute the suggested donation (which is ALWAYS cheap)..
we’ll make sure you get “warmed up” when you arrive. Ha

Vegan/Regular Foods and other tender vittles courtesy of The SpeakEasy Team.
$10 suggested donation
Wednesday December 30th, 8:30pm (Day BEFORE NYE)
scholla back or reply for the address via txt or email SUBJECT: SpeakEasy SUBJECT: SpeakEasy

Get your formal invite here!



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