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Black Women Blond Wigs.

Why is it that in order for women of color to “make it” they must first go blond and mimic the eurocentric standard of beauty? The latest victim or willing participant (you cannot rape the willing) is Nicki Minaj. Nicki is the “it” girl reencarnation of Lil’ Kim’s uber sex appeal for marketing purposes. She is a rapper, not emcee (there is a difference) with an annoying voice, banging body and lyrical context with no content. In other words she only raps about how sexy she is and how much money she got. Sooooooo! Excuse me, I digress. The issue at hand is the image that is repeated over and over by women of color to so called fit in or get in “the industry.” The video below is behind-the-scenes look at Nicki Minaj’s photo shoot for Right On Magazine. (Notice how she looks like Lady GaGa in one of the outfits)

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