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House of Dolls presents The Bubble Girls Calendar 2010

The Bubble Girls represent fantasy and sophistication. The overall vision of this calendar is colorful and sexy with dramatic over the top designs and locations.

Shot in Brooklyn,NY the calendar features The Bubble Girls Akira, Diamond and Crown and honorary Bubble Girl Khay.

This 12 month spread showcases the photography of Amir Ebrahimi, House Van Helsing and Josie Zetina. Clothing and Jewelry for the calendar provided by Brooklyn based designers Idallyic Couture, Chay The Great, Dutty Geisha, Anu Jewelry, Kristi Voss Couture and Raye 6.

The Bubble Girls 2010 Calendar is available NOW!
Gift Box 49.99 Book 79.99
After your purchase email your PASSWORD (in side back of calendar) and telephone number to receive a personal Thank You call from The Bubble Girl of your choice!

Put BGC 2010 in the subject line
email for Autographed Book

Retail Wholesale prices available upon request

Rachel Seigel
House Of Dolls Management


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